We are proud to have a rich portfolio of important customers in UAE and in the Region, for each of them we designed and implemented a robust GIS or Mobile solution using the right technologies


  —NCSI are GIS Mobile applications with rich information related to the Petrol stations, Banks, Insurance Companies, Money Exchange ……Etc.

—These applications have valuable services for Omani residents and visitors, including maps and navigation features (online/offline) using ESRI platform, The Applications can work in offline mode as well.


NCSI GIS based mobile applications:


  • Provides end users with necessary tools to search, locate, add and navigate to Petrol stations and other locations.
  • It also make it possible for the user to plan for fuel filling during their trip in Oman.


  • Provides end users with necessary tools to search, locate and navigate to Bank branches, ATMs CDMS and other locations.
  • Find the banks that provide special services related to loans, investments etc.
  • Find insurance company offices by services provided.


The aim of AAVAAS application (initiated by a private group to be a paid service later) is to simplifying the addressing system and facilitating the use of it among the society (personal use and business use) to locate places with high accuracy and enjoy navigation in India offline and online.

Two main part of the application, mobile (Android, IOS) for public use, and the second part is the admin panel (for Magnus use only – the developer of the initiative-).


The benefits:

user will be able to search for a place using the numbering system that is created by Magnus, the main idea of the numbering system is to identify building by giving them a unique number, the number can include the offices inside the building and even the entrance, this mechanism will allow the user to locate places with high accuracy in both offline and online mood.



  • Native (Android-IOS).
  • Web AppBuillder. 

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET).


ACTVET is committed to establishing policies and standards that effectively regulate technical and vocational educational nstitutions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. ACTVET GIS mobile application for public,it has Valuable information about Vocational and Technical Institutes in Abu Dhabi. 

It Has different search methods (attribute and spatial utilizing current location)and GIS Admin site can manage institutes locations and information.


  • Esri platform (Android – iOS)
  • Geocortex
  • HTML

The Directorate of Town Planning and Survey was established as a government corporation.


SHARIQATI is a guide map of Sharjah provided by Directorate of Town Planning and Survey.

This application helps residence and visitors of Sharjah to reach faster to their destinations the Maps and navigation works online and offline, organise their trips using Kashta Feature: trip planner, and get helpful information about Sharjah.


  • HERE (Android – iOS – JavaScript).



Ministry of Infrastructure Development


Emiraty Application with intelligent maps over United Arab Emirates with more accurate and details information and helps you stay up to date with MoPW construction projects includes federal buildings and roads in different status such as Projects under study, projects under construction, projects under hand over, and much more.

This application has the ability to automatically steer you clear of pileups, traffic snarls, and backups related to road work.MoPW GPS navigation app could identify where traffic jams were, and give you alternative routes.


  • Find best routes. 
  • Geo-feedback
  • 3D models for ministry projects   
  • Live streaming


  • Esri
  • Here platforms.

South East Asia Establishment.


SEA NJM Application is a comprehensive solution for South East Asia Establishment: a Saudi organization which responsible for SEA pilgrims favour through the Haj season every year.  

This application has four systems and administration web application that help SEA users to do their tasks perfectly it will be used during Hajj period to send report about any problem that could happen,such as health, transport and maintenance problems, Tents Checking to Geo-Complaints reporting, and Pilgrims reception, feeding and transportation.


Excellence in Implementation GI in GISWORX 2015.



  • HTML5
  • Native (Android-IOS).

And solution will be available in the next Hajj season.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone:   


Saif-Zone Application is a GIS Portal for all facilities in Saif-Zone, this applicatuion provide the user with a detailed information about each office, land, warehouse and plots. Saif-zone Application has multiple search criteria (spatial and attributes),reporting and charts module, and mobile app for services requests.


  • ESRI
  • Geocortex