Our Projects

Get a glimpse on some of the works we have done !



The official smart mobile app by MOID to provide E-Services for the public.

The App provides MOID users with the fastest & easiest way to complete all their transactions.

Services such as qualification of the contractor and consultant, online payment, accidents assessment report in federal roads, urban planning services, participate on bidding requests, and much more.



The official smart mobile app by GPSSA to access E-Services for the stakeholders. The App provides registered users with the fastest & easiest way to complete required requests and transactions. Services such as profile management of the beneficiary and pensioner, service period addition, case management, issue certificate requests, and much more.



The official smart mobile app by ADQCC to access E-Services for the stakeholders. Jawdah E-services App is a Smart E-services mobile application done for ADQCC  to allow the public to access all the E-services the ADQCC has to offer.

EPDA Dashboards & Integration Solutions

An integrated solution to collect licensee inspection details and data from several different systems, and organize them in well-designed and user-friendly dashboard with important features for monitoring and information management. The dashboard is connecting and visualizing data from Air Quality systems, water Quality systems, licensing system, inspection system, and tracking system seamlessly

EPDA Smart Inspection App

A Specialized integrated solution for inspectors to do the full process of inspection using their mobile application integrated with SAP as the backend system seamlessly. This application facilitates the daily work of the inspectors by providing user-friendly, stable features supports offline mode and help inspector to focus on most important places and review history for any establishment and conduct the required inspection there

3D Models and Indoors Navigation - SAIFZONE

Implementing 3D model and visualization web and mobile solution for SAIF-Zone facilities, integrating with SAIF-Zone MIS system and allowing end users to view, search and navigate the free zone warehouses, offices and lands. The Solution also support 360 images of the warehouses and the offices for an easy viewing


An innovative application to view, navigate and search landmarks and key places in Sharjah, by utilizing street sign-boards printed in the form of static maps with pre-designed symbols that facilitate easy search and access to information using the mobile camera. The app provides rich information about important places that highlight the cultural and economic face of the  Emirate of Sharjah including 3D models, 360 views, augmented reality ..etc.


IDARA is an integrated CRM based project monitoring and management solution, allowing management to have clear, focused picture on ongoing projects from different entities, and get important details on each project’s status, schedule, costs and other details.


Communication and task management system to help the organization in managing the internal communications and instructions that are being given on daily basis. Managers can create instruction at any time using web/mobile app and assign it Supported with a smart Dashboard to measure employees performance in terms of accomplished instructions and their efficiency